Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kitchen Makeover - Home Organization 101

I mentioned yesterday that my kitchen was clean! I started Home Organization 101 - Season 3 this week. It is a 14 week program run by A Bowl Full of Lemons that helps designate a plan to get your whole house (or in my case - apartment) organized, one space at a time. There is even a Facebook Group Page! You should definitely join; it will be fun!

This first week was the kitchen


The instructions are to take everything out of the room, clean the room, and then put everything back organized.  Before putting everything back, I went through everything deciding what to keep, what to trash, and what to donate. I'm going to need to take a trip to donate all the stuff that I no longer need; and I have a few mugs to give out around Christmas! Now I know my kitchen isn't that big, and it certainly is not my dream kitchen, but it does the job. Also, I have a lot of kitchen things. J & I really love to cook and bake so we have a lot of needs. 


My freezer; it is still not ideal, but it is an apartment sized freezer!

The refrigerator is so clean and (mostly) in order. 
I've got to hit the grocery store soon though!

 There is order to the spices now. Check out that fish bowl spoon rest! 
I also just recently upgraded our towels to hand-towels - they dry everything better; and the best part is they match the color scheme I'm going for (aqua and ivory).

The ones we use most are on the stove top. 
We keep the oil next to the stove because we use it so often.
 Look at the cute owl timer! I'm a sucker for cute kitchen trinkets =]

Under the stove pans.

My baking cabinet above my stove holds all the common things I use. The black container holds cookie and biscuit cutters. The white tub has cupcake liners, extra baking supplies, and things I rarely use when I'm baking (but still use often enough to keep around).

This is my favorite part! My glasses, bottles, mixing bowls, plates, and bowls. I can see everything now! I took out the ugly black liner (only because I cleaned the cabinet really well). I got rid of A TON of mugs (we don't drink coffee or tea often and mostly use them for ice cream).

Christmas! I am such a fan of this bowl at Christmas, but I needed someplace to keep it the rest of the year. This is perfect! I try to use my glass pyrex bowls to store my food, so I put the plastic up higher. 
I also use an old wire CD rack to keep track of all of my lids (it was free - I got it from my little sister)!

Extra spices are above the refrigerator.

Look at that beautiful magnetic knife bar! It is so easy to use! I moved all my spoons and whisks to the same side of the counter in two similar containers. 

These are some of the most used items. Being able to get to them quickly & easily is awesome.
 Silverware & less used utensils.

I have two silverware "wranglers." The bottom one holds extra knives, corn on the cob holders, & measuring cups. The brown canister has a pizza cutter, can opener, & a wine bottle opener.

I used a file stacker to raise up the second silverware holder. It works perfectly!

Under the one (yes, one) drawer that I have in my kitchen, (who builds a kitchen with only one drawer?!) I moved the pots, some less used bakeware like a bread pan and pie plate, cutting boards, cookie pans, muffin tins, pizza trays, and cooling racks.

Under the lowered part of the counter (I think they thought I would use it as a desk; they obviously did not realize how much desk space I need), I have all my appliances (except the soda stream, coffee maker, microwave, and toaster oven which are on the counter elsewhere).

Owl salt & pepper shakers; I have an obsession.

 Magnetic White Board Meal Calendar

Some plates to decorate with! J & I made the top two at a local pottery shop. 

Freezer meats list.

Look at those cute owls! =]

Here is my trash and recycling area. Recently added the desk to have more prep/storage space.
Found that pumpkin candy holder and owl at Walmart. LOVE FALL!

Here is the reorganized top part of the wire shelf storage unit. It looks infinitely better!

I just got these eggplant casseroles from a Le Creuset Outlet Store.
(actually my mom got them for me)
I have a small obsession with the Corningware Blue Cornflower Casserole dishes; I have three of them. (all thrifted)
I also got the huge stock pot at The Green Dragon, which is an awesome place outside of Lancaster.

I love this old A-Treat crate. It is a lovely storage spot for my wine glasses & drink shaker.
We got it at Mad Hatter Antique Mall in Adamstown, PA. 

Have you done any organizing?

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