Friday, October 4, 2013

101 in 1001 - Month 2 Update

The second month of my 101 in 1001 challenge flew by. I think because the semester started up and things at work got pretty crazy, September seemed like a blink. I mean it is already October 4th (what!?!).

Here is what I accomplished in September:


    Read, Write, & Watch



    • Go to Longwood 20 times 

    And the things that are currently in progress:

    Health & Fitness

    • Keep a health journal for all 1001 days
    • Teach 200 hours of yoga
    • Work on better posture


    • Learn how to shoot in manual mode
    • Take one photo every day
    • Take a self-portrait every day


    • Blog about each of these 101 things as I do them
    • Write 250 blog posts (15 in August, 12 in September)

    Keep in Touch

    • Call my parents once a week 
    • Compile an address book

    Read, Write, & Watch

    • Complete the Captivating Journal/Study Guide - working on it!
    • Go through all my magazines, tearing out inspiration and recycling the rest - same here!
    • Watch all of the Levo League Office Hours I have been meaning to watch - 2 so far


    • Save $150 each month
    • Save $25 for each goal completed 
    • Save all my change for all 1001 days


    • Determine my signature drink - I tried a few so far!
    This was super long so anyone that is still reading, you are my hero. =]

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